The Planning & Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell has lifted his earlier holding decision made in May 2016 preventing the adoption of the replacement Birmingham City Council Development Plan.

The City Council had to provide further evidence that it had maximised the identification of available brown field sites within the urban area for housing before moving to release green belt land to accommodate the residual requirement.  This means that the City, developers and other stakeholders can now all move forward with confidence to deliver the plans identified 5,150 new homes.

The Birmingham plan is a bold and well thought through strategy directing and focusing the City’s economic, environmental and social strategy.  We have been told that Birmingham City Council expect to adopt its plan early in the New Year.

A holding decision was placed due to an objection raised by the local MP concerning the need to allocate some green belt for new housing. This is the same reason a holding direction was placed on the Bradford District core strategy in October 2016.


For more information please contact:

John Foddy, Managing Director